Your Copyright Questions—Answered!

As complex as intellectual property law is, it still cannot address every specific contingency; this is why the courts are brimming with infringement suits.

Some areas of copyright law are relatively cut-and-dried—selling bootlegged copies of a popular record for your own personal gain, for instance, is inarguably copyright infringement—but not every issue is so easily resolved.

Your Copyright Questions—Answered! explores nuances in the law as it relates to two areas that relate to third parties and their material. This 40-page handbook answers questions such as:

  • Can I reproduce popular song lyrics without permission?
  • Can I mention a famous person in my fiction novel?
  • Can I publish a picture of a crowd in a public place?
  • What if I want to use a photograph but I cannot find the owner?
  • Can I quote from a newspaper’s review of my book for my own promotional material?

Our handbook goes beyond simple yes-or-no answers and delves into the basic ideas of copyright law. It is designed to deepen your understanding of intellectual property, as well as related ideas such as right to publicity and appropriation of likeness.

Created by the attorneys at Legal Research Center exclusively for Click&Copyright customers, this handbook will be invaluable in your path to understanding intellectual property.

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