Copyright License Agreement

Let others use your work while retaining full copyright ownership

A Copyright License Agreement allows you to give others limited rights to your material—typically for a fee, for a specified use and time period—while you yourself remain the copyright holder. With this form, you will not give up any rights to your own material.

There are many reasons to use a License Agreement. If you’re a software engineer and you sell your product to customers, you might provide a license requiring the software to be used only in specific ways. If you’re a musician, you could license your song to be used in a commercial, a movie, a stage production, or any other way you specify.

Because you retain full control over your intellectual property, you get to decide:

  • How long the license is good for: a month, a year, forever
  • Exactly what your material may or may not be used for
  • What to charge for a license
  • If the licensee can or cannot distribute the material to others

Whatever your situation, a License Agreement lets you call the shots.

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Basic Copyright License Agreement
Fully customizable Word document for immediate download
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Copyright License Agreement for Musicians
The same document, tailored specifically for licensing songs

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A Work For Hire Agreement will establish that you own the copyright to materials you hire someone to create—before the work is created. A Copyright Assignment Form is used to hand over complete control of your material to someone else. Someone else will then own the copyright.

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