Intellectual Property Forms

Tools To Manage Your Material and Protect Your Rights

Intellectual property is a broad topic. Think of it as a collection of the intangible assets you or your organization are responsible for: promotional materials, songs or videos, handbooks or ebooks you may have created, photographs from sales material, even your website design and content.

It’s very possible that you have more intellectual property assets than you realize. And if you’re not leveraging those assets, not only could you be missing out on opportunities, but if you’re not careful you could inadvertently give up those rights.

It’s crucial to take the necessary precautions to control those intangible assets, as well as to protect your rights to your own materials. The intellectual property forms below will help you better manage and maintain those assets.

All of our immediately downloadable forms are provided as a fully editable Word document and formatted for both Mac and PC. Just click the button to add a form to your shopping cart, or click the name of form itself to learn more!

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Used to permanently transfer complete rights over your material to another party
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Used to allow a third party to use your material while retaining the copyright yourself
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Used to establish that you will own the rights to something created at your request
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Used by photographers to record that the model relinquishes all rights to a photograph
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Sent as a warning of the legal consequences of continuing to infringe on your copyright
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Includes all of our intellectual property forms, along with our copyright handbooks copyright handbooks

More Intellectual Property Resources

If you’re still a little unclear on the different types of intellectual property and how they might relate to your situation, take a look at some of the resources below.

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