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Protect the rights to your art by securing an art copyright

Graphic arts copyrights provide many important protections. With copyright protection, you maintain the rights for distribution and duplication. You maintain licensing rights. These important rights give you—the artist—long-term options that you can then use for your own financial gain.

Additionally, only by filing for copyright protection for your art through the US Copyright Office do you secure the right to seek monetary damages should anyone use your art without your permission.

I have lots of art to copyright. Do I have to file a separate copyright for each piece?

No, you don’t. You can submit up to 10 works of art for copyright protection at the same time and at the same price, saving you time and money. In addition, Click and Copyright offers flexible pricing options to accommodate artists and creative professionals, including an annual plan that allows you to submit your artistic works for copyright protection throughout the year at an affordable rate.

Can I copyright a logo?

In order to copyright a logo, the logo needs to have a significant amount of original authorship. A simple type treatment, or a logo comprised primarily of words and letters, will not be eligible for copyright protection. A logo with uniquely authored imagery or design content is eligible for copyright protection. For more information, see our logo copyright test.

Click and Copyright accepts several different file types to allow you to easily copyright your art.

What about a Creative Commons license?

A Creative Commons license permits others to use your work without your permission. Only a copyright will protect your rights to your work.

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