As consideration for the services provided by Click&Copyright, I agree to the following:

I acknowledge that the only services provided by Click Industries (CI) through clickandcopyright.com (collectively referred to as "CI") are copying and populating the exact information I provide while placing my order, paying the registration fee, and either uploading my work to the US Copyright Office (USCO) or the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for registration or mailing my work via the delivery method of my choosing.

I understand that CI is not acting as my attorney in any way and that the information provided on this website or through email/phone conversations with CI's employees or agents is not legal advice on which I can rely. I understand that the help screens and other information contained on this site consist of general information regarding copyright/trademark registrations and intellectual property law. I acknowledge and agree that CI is not acting as my attorney with regard to the use of this site, the registration of my copyright or mark, and any issues with regard to the work which I am registering with the USCO or USPTO. I acknowledge that because the information I provide while using this website goes directly to the USCO or USPTO, it is my responsibility to make sure that it is correct and that I understand how the rights of any others who may have worked on or co-created the work are affected. I further acknowledge that the particular facts and circumstances with regard to the registration of my copyright may require the assistance of an attorney instead of using a service like the one provided by this website. If CI determines that your order is too legally complex for CI’s filing service, CI reserves the right to cancel your order and refund your money in full at any time prior to filing. I hereby release and forever discharge CI, its officers, directors, and shareholders from any and all causes of action I may have against them in connection to the registration of my copyright or mark based on any information I provided that was populated onto the application.

I acknowledge that CI is not responsible for any errors I make in completing CI's online registration process. If I ordered trademark services, I agree that the fee initially charged for those services is strictly CI’s fee for services, and that if I proceed to register using CI’s services, I will also pay a filing fee set by the government, which may be larger than the service fee itself. I understand that CI handles only federal trademark and service mark registrations, and that registration services that might be appropriate for my needs may be available at the state level. I agree that a CI representative will contact me within 2 business days by email to set up an appointment to discuss my trademark or service mark by phone. During that conversation, the representative will ascertain what type of mark and application I am seeking, after which CI will proceed with registration paperwork. If I choose to cancel based on this initial discussion, I will be entitled to a full refund if I notify CI within 24 hours of the appointment. If I proceed, further information and materials may be required in my specific case, and I agree that I will respond promptly to such requests in support of my application. I acknowledge that a registration will cover a single mark. I agree that CI offers a filing service that relies on my input only, and that I have a limited number of tries to register a specific mark. I understand that CI does not guarantee that the USPTO will accept my application, and that the filing fee covers only CI’s first filing on my behalf. I agree that I will pay the government filing fee in force at the time of my filing for whichever application type I select, and that this charge is in addition to CI’s fee. I understand that electronic and mailed applications have different government fee structures. I further acknowledge that rush service is not available for USPTO filings.

I understand that due to terrorism concerns, all packages delivered to the USCO or USPTO are screened offsite. This can delay actual delivery and recording of the receipt of my work/application. I understand that my materials may be irradiated during the screening process. If irradiation of my work occurs, it is my responsibility to send CI replacement copies of my work if notified of this by the relevant government office. If my work is published in hard copy form (as opposed to digitally), I am responsible for sending the required number of copies of the best edition to CI for completion of the process.

I acknowledge that if I choose to have materials physically sent in with my filing rather than electronically submitted, there will be an additional charge to cover shipping and handling, and the government may charge a higher filing fee. Packages are priced based on electronic submission. If I select a package that includes multiple submissions, I understand that I will be charged this additional fee each time I request that CI mail my materials, regardless of the overall package fee. I also agree that, if I choose to upload my files, I must follow the directions provided to me during the upload process and alert CI when I have finished uploading my files. For copyright filings, the 24-hour or 5-day timeframe does not start until I click the required button confirming that my files have been fully uploaded. Additionally, after I confirm that I have fully uploaded my files, I am unable to add any files or modify the order. If I decide to add additional files after CI has submitted my registration, I acknowledge that I must place another order (or use another credit, in the case of a copyright Annual Package) in order to do so.

For logo copyright submissions, I acknowledge that I have read the logo copyright test found at https://www.clickandcopyright.com/logo-copyright-test.aspx and have concluded that my logo contains enough original authorship for it to be registered as a copyright. I further acknowledge that should my logo submission be rejected by the USCO because it does not contain enough original authorship, I am not entitled to a refund of any kind. If, upon receipt of my logo, CI informs me that it believes the logo will be rejected by the USCO, and I decide to cancel my order in light of this, ClL is entitled to keep $85.00 as a processing fee. In that case, all other sums I have paid will be refunded. I specifically acknowledge that CI's belief that my logo will be rejected by the USCO is not legal advice, but merely an opinion based on other similar logos submitted in the past by CI, and I am free to submit my logo to the USCO regardless.

For website copyright submissions, I acknowledge that I must deliver the files I wish to be protected; CI will not extract the material from my website on my behalf. I must submit image files (JPGs of my designs, screenshots, etc.), text files, or both, depending on which aspect(s) of the work I would like protected; those files must correspond to the information I have provided as the author’s contribution(s). (An author who is responsible for text only should not upload designs or images, for example, but rather the text he or she wishes to protect.) I acknowledge that if, for any reason, I refuse to upload the appropriate files, or to transmit them to CI following alternative instructions should CI systems be down, that refusal is not an acceptable basis for a full refund. If I choose to cancel my order rather than submit my website files, CI is entitled to keep a processing fee of $85.00.

I agree that a portion of the fee for the copyright package I select goes towards the preparation of the initial copyright application. I acknowledge that CI may have questions about what I completed online that result in redrafting of the application prior to filing. Once CI has begun work on my order, which includes initiating email or telephone correspondence with me about my order, and I decide to cancel my order before the application and my work are sent to the US Copyright Office, I am only entitled to a refund of 60% of my total fees paid. I further acknowledge that after my application and work are sent to the USCO, the services of CI are concluded and I am not entitled to a refund of any kind.

I acknowledge that if I choose the Complete Package copyright filing option, that means that within 5 days from the business day my work and registration information arrives at CI, not including weekends or national holidays, my work and application will be sent to the USCO via either 2-day USPS priority mail or e-filing, depending on how I chose to submit my work to CI. I acknowledge that if I choose the Verified Package copyright filing option, that means that within 24 hours from the business day my work and registration information arrives at CI, not including weekends or national holidays, my work and application will be sent to the USCO via either e-filing or FedEx Overnight. I further acknowledge that if CI has a question about my work and/or application and is waiting for a response from me, the work will not be sent until I've answered the inquiry from CI and the appropriate time period will not begin to run until my response is received.

I acknowledge that if I select the Annual Package copyright filing option, I receive 6 separate submissions during the year between my signup date and the 1-year anniversary of that initial order. Any unused credits will be lost, if not used by that 1-year anniversary. I acknowledge that when I pay for an Annual Package, I will be charged the package fee during my initial order; I will not be charged for my 5 subsequent credits. If, however, I choose to mail any of the 5 subsequent packages, I will be charged the shipping fee for each of these orders. I also acknowledge that after CI has processed the first order associated with my Annual Package, and I decide not to use up the rest of my Annual Package credits, I am entitled to no refund.

Further, I acknowledge that once the copyright application has been accepted by the USCO, the services of CI are concluded.

I agree that all services were provided by CI within the State of Minnesota and that my use of this site is deemed to have occurred in Minnesota. If I institute any legal proceeding against CI or its employees, agents, officers, or directors, I agree that I will do so in Hennepin County District Court, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I acknowledge that Hennepin County District Court is the proper venue for any disputes and that said court shall have both subject matter and personal jurisdiction over me and my claims. Further, I agree that the only damages I am entitled to are the amount of money I paid CI for the services rendered and that I am not entitled to any other damages whatsoever. Further, I agree that the non-prevailing party in any litigation pursuant to the services/products provided by CI shall pay the prevailing party's reasonable costs, disbursements and attorney fees.

If I attempt a chargeback on my credit card after CI has provided the services as set forth above, I agree that I will pay all of CI's reasonable costs, disbursements, and/or attorney fees (with a minimum of $150) expended in the preparation of all documents used to prove to the credit card company that the services were provided and in all dealings (including phone conversations, etc.) with the credit card company to successfully resolve the matter. Further, if for some reason a chargeback is issued after the services have been provided by CI and CI commences a lawsuit against me, I agree that at CI's discretion it can institute an action in Hennepin County District Court, Minneapolis, Minnesota and that said court will have personal and subject matter jurisdiction over me and the case. I agree that in such case I will pay all of CI's reasonable costs, disbursements, and attorney fees, including but not limited to collection costs incurred by CI to collect said attorney fees and expenses.

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