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Protecting the rights to your photography has never been easier than with Click and Copyright. With just a few clicks, you can register a copyright on your photography, ensuring that your rights as a photographer are protected. In fact, we’re able to process most photography copyright orders in under 24 hours!

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With copyright protection, you secure the rights to your photography as your own, giving you sole permission to distribute and sell your photography, as well as to use your photography in websites and online. If you’re serious about your rights as a photographer, copyright your photographs and protect your intellectual property.

Copyrighting photography gives you long-term options for deciding how your photographs can be used. Click and Copyright can register your photography copyright within 24 hours to ensure that your rights are protected for years to come.

Do I have to pay for and copyright each photograph separately?

Absolutely not! You can file for copyright protection on an entire collection of photography all at one time. Additionally, Click and Copyright offers flexible copyright plans to suit all artists. We even have an annual copyright package that allows photographers to submit photographs for copyright protection throughout the year at a discounted rate, allowing them fast photography copyright protection as their works are completed.

For over ten years, Click and Copyright has been helping artists and creative professionals just like you secure copyright protection for their works. In addition to helping you file your photography with the US Copyright Office for copyright protection, we offer other helpful forms and guides to help you protect your rights. Click here to learn more about what you’ll receive when you choose Click and Copyright to file your photography copyright.

What about a Creative Commons license?

Copyright protection protects your rights to your photography. A Creative Commons license gives others rights to your photography. Only a copyright will protect your rights. If you’re interested, we have additional information on the benefits of copyrights vs. Creative Commons licenses.

Fast, Secure Process Fast, Secure Copyright Process

With just a few mouse clicks and a few minutes' time, Click and Copyright can have your work off to the US Copyright Office within 24 hours to quickly establish your rights and protections over your work.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee Moneyback Copyright Guaranteethat your copyright application will be accepted by the US Copyright Office or we will refund 100% of your money

Forms and Guides

Click and Copyright offers a library of tools to help you manage your intellectual property. Click here to learn more.