Copyright vs. Creative Commons

How Creative Commons licenses compromise your rights

Creative Commons licenses are popular with many artists and have gained popularity with the rise of social websites such as Flickr and Facebook. What many people don’t realize, however, is that a Creative Commons license actually sacrifices an artist’s rights and limits their options.

Creative Commons licenses began as a way for people to openly share intellectual property, including music, images, artwork, and software. Although several different types of Creative Commons licenses exist, each one enables others to use an author’s work freely to one degree or another.

Perhaps worst of all, a Creative Commons license cannot be revoked. Once you make the decision to share your work openly and freely, you cannot change your mind. You effectively give up the rights to your work and allow others certain rights to your work.

Copyrighting your work protects your rights to your work, and not the rights of others to your work. Even if you copyright your work, you are still free to allow others to use that work. But with copyright protection, you have a say in how others use your work. With a copyright, you can license your work to ensure that, if used commercially, you stand to share in the profits.

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