Click and Copyright Pricing Guide

Three copyright filing packages to suit your needs.

Click and Copyright offers three different packages to fit your particular copyright needs. Our Complete package offers all of the basics for just $129.00, and we will submit your work to the US Copyright Office within 5 business days of receiving your order and your work. Our Verified package offers an expedited service with additional verification, as well as downloadable forms. The Verified package is a popular choice for musicians and bands looking to publish their work quickly or for those who want to share copyright protection between multiple individuals.

Our Annual package offers the greatest value for prolific creative professionals that will want to protect many bodies of work throughout the year. With our Annual package, you receive all of the perks of our Verified package. Your first six filings are included and, after that, each additional filing is just $85. The Annual package offers creative professionals hundreds of dollars in savings through the course of a year.

What's Included Complete Package
Verified Package
All US Copyright Office filing fees included in package price
Customized drafting and preparation of the correct US Copyright Office application
100% Money Back Guarantee
Verification that all files and application documentation are formatted properly according to US Copyright Office guidelines Not Included
Guaranteed delivery of your materials to the US Copyright Office within 24 hours of receiving your work Not Included (submission within 5 business days)
Tracking of your copyright application, including notification as soon as your materials arrive at the US Copyright Office Not Included
Copyright Filing Verification Certificate for immediate proof of your copyright filing and registration Not Included
Copyright Assignment Form allowing for the transfer of copyright to others Not Included
Licensing Form to allow others to use your work, as you specify, without transferring copyright Not Included
Work For Hire Agreement to enable you to commission work from others Not Included
Cease And Desist Form to help you stop unauthorized use of your work. Not Included
Number of copyright filings included One One Six
($85 each after that)

Fast, Secure Process

With just a few mouse clicks and a few minutes' time, Click and Copyright can have your work off to the US Copyright Office within 24 hours to quickly establish your rights and protections over your work.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that your copyright application will be accepted by the US Copyright Office or we will refund 100% of your money.

Trust the experts

Click and Copyright was designed by copyright attorneys to offer a complete and affordable copyright protection service without the high cost of legal fees. We’ve been helping people just like you file their copyrights for over 10 years!