Intellectual Property Toolkit

For today’s artist, the road is fraught with legal dangers. Our Intellectual Property Toolkit is a valuable resource that can help you understand these dangers and give you some extra insight into how to avoid them.

Our Intellectual Property Tookit helps arm you with the tools you need to leverage your creative work and protect your rights. Take your creative work seriously and manage your intellectual property like a pro.

This exclusive toolkit offers the following valuable resources:

Your Copyright Questions—Answered

This 40-page guide delves deeply into two confusing topics—public domain, and mentioning real people or using their works without their permission. With this eBook, you’ll learn when you can mention someone in your work and when you must ask for permission, what types of material you can reproduce without asking, and how concepts like right to privacy and right to publicity can be important to creative artists.

Copyright Cases You Need to Know

This guide provides authors, artists, and musicians with a comprehensive overview of 26 real US court cases that have helped shape and define US copyright law. This exclusive eBook covers four major areas of copyright law as actually interpreted by courts: licensing, fair use, copyrightability, and copyright infringement.

Intellectual Property Management Forms

Our toolkit also includes templates for five important legal forms you may need, if not now then down the road, while managing your intellectual property. The intellectual property forms included are:

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Intellectual Property Toolkit
Includes all of our intellectual property forms, along with our copyright handbooks

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