Copyright Cases You Need to Know

While much of copyright law is clear, there are topics and issues that are not governed by bright-line rules, instead navigated mainly through court interpretations and precedent. Understandably, this makes unintentional copyright infringement easier than you might think.

Even famous artists are not immune to the mires of copyright infringement. From George Harrison to Jefferson Airplane, from Bob Dylan to the Beastie Boys, from Disney to Duke Ellington, musicians and artists throughout modern history have found themselves victims of copyright infringement—or perpetrators themselves.

This 39-page handbook delves into landmark lawsuits of the past—some famous, some infamous—exploring the facts of each case and commenting on the courts’ decisions.

Copyright Cases You Need to Know looks at more than just copyrights; various legal issues that work alongside a copyright are also explored in detail. The ebook touches on topics such as:

  • Licensing—what constitutes a license agreement and what might cause it to terminate
  • Copyrightability—what types of materials can and cannot be protected under copyright law
  • Infringement—when copyrighted material is used improperly without permission
  • Ownership—situations when the author’s legal rights to the work can be unclear
  • Fair Use—when materials can be used without permission and what constitutes fair use

Created exclusively for Click&Copyright by our friends at Legal Research Center, Copyright Cases You Need to Know is available as a PDF for immediate download, either on its own or in combination with our other valuable handbooks and intellectual property forms.

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