Copyright and protect your screenplay

Protect your screenplay

The only way to truly protect your screenplay from unauthorized use and plagiarism is to register your copyright with the US Copyright Office. Click and Copyright makes it fast, easy and affordable for you to file your copyright and protect your screenplay today.

True copyright protection for your screenplay

If elements of your screenplay are ever stolen or used without your permission, the ONLY way for you to commence a copyright infringement proceeding in Federal court is by demonstrating that your screenplay copyright is already registered with the US Copyright Office. Without that registration, you simply won’t have the grounds to seek compensatory damages for the unauthorized use of your screenplay.

Copyright protection for your screenplay lasts for your entire life plus 70 years. Other options simply do not provide the lasting protection for your screenplay that proper copyright registration provides.

If you are serious about your screenplay – about the characters, the dialogue and the plot – than trust Click and Copyright to secure the true copyright protection that you deserve.

Do I need to copyright my screenplay after each draft?

The smart screenwriter will copyright his/her screenplay prior to sending it to agents, managers, production companies, or entering contests. If at some point after the initial copyright of your screenplay, the characters, dialogue and/or structure change considerably, you may want to update you’re the copyright registration of your screenplay.

What about Writers Guild of America registration?

Writer’s Guild of America registration does offer some additional protections for your screenplay, but WGA registration by itself lacks the power of copyright registration. A Writer’s Guild registration can be used as corroborating evidence in a trial, but without having your screenplay registered with the US Copyright Office the WGA registration is meaningless.

Remember: Only by registering your screenplay with the US Copyright Office are you truly protecting the rights as a writer.

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With just a few mouse clicks and a few minutes' time, Click and Copyright can have your work off to the US Copyright Office within 24 hours to quickly establish your rights and protections over your work.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that your copyright application will be accepted by the US Copyright Office or we will refund 100% of your money.

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Click and Copyright was designed by copyright attorneys to offer a complete and affordable copyright protection service without the high cost of legal fees. We’ve been helping people just like you file their copyrights for over 10 years!