Copyright Duration

How long does a copyright Last?

Assuming your work is created after January 1, 1978, the copyright registration of your work lasts for your entire life plus an additional seventy (70) years (so you can pass down the ownership in your works).

If a work is created by more than one person the copyright registration lasts for seventy (70) years after the last surviving author's death.

For a work made for hire, anonymous and pseudonymous works, the copyright registration lasts for ninety-five (95) years from the first publication of the work, or 125 years from creation of the work, whichever is shortest.

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When is a copyright registration effective

A copyright registration is effective once the copyright application and the work are received by the U.S. Copyright Office. There is a misconception among many people that a copyright registration is only effective when you are issued your copyright certificate. That is not the case!

Once the copyright application and work arrive at the U.S. Copyright Office, the copyright registration is effective and your work is provided all of the copyright protection that copyright registration affords it.

This is why most of our copyright packages include tracking services, whereby we track the arrival of your copyright registration package right to the door of the U.S. Copyright Office and provide you that information, so you’ll know for certain that your copyright registration is effective.

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