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A Brief History of Trademarks

Trademarks—words or images that connect products to the companies they come from—are commonly understood in terms of their modern (R) and TM signifiers. But trademarks have a long, fascinating history that reaches back to Biblical times and beyond. Let’s take

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TM vs. R – Which Is Right for My Trademark?

TM vs. R—The Showdown What’s the difference between TM vs. R? Do trademarks need to be registered before being claimed as trademarks? What is a trademark—and what isn’t? The decision to use “TM” or “R” is not an arbitrary one;

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How to Stop Copyright Infringement Without Being a Jerk

You’re a creative artist, and you’re proud of your work. If you find out that someone is using it without permission (giving away free downloads, for example, or releasing bad covers of your songs without asking permission), you are, understandably,

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