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Think a “Poor-Man’s Copyright” Will Secure Your Rights to Your Book? Think Again

Widely referred to as a “poor-man’s copyright,” the act of mailing a copy of your own book or manuscript to yourself and leaving the package sealed is widely purported to be legal proof that you own the copyright to the

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How to Send a Cease and Desist Letter and Stop Copyright Infringement

It’s a copy-and-paste world out there, and keeping your music, poems, product descriptions, and blog posts secure can be a full-time job. It’s easier for someone to infringe on your rights than ever before—so what’s a busy professional to do?

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Is This Copyright Infringement? 3 Examples and Explanations

“Is this copyright infringement?” This is a question we hear in our copyrighting division more often than any other. I believe this is due to two reasons: (1) Copyright law has not changed significantly for over a decade, while technology

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Do I Need a Copyright Symbol?

The copyright symbol, first introduced in 1909, has a long and interesting history—and because of this, it’s sometimes difficult to determine if you need a copyright symbol or notice on your work, or if that symbol is optional. Copyright Notices

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4 Common Excuses for Copyright Infringement That Don’t Hold Water

With the global nature of the Internet fostering shared information and shared copyrighted materials, it’s no surprise that copyright infringement is not always clearly understood. And if you don’t understand copyrights, it’s likely that you could be infringing on someone’s

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How to Stop Copyright Infringement Without Being a Jerk

You’re a creative artist, and you’re proud of your work. If you find out that someone is using it without permission (giving away free downloads, for example, or releasing bad covers of your songs without asking permission), you are, understandably,

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