How to Send a Cease and Desist Letter and Stop Copyright Infringement

    It’s a copy-and-paste world out there, and keeping your music, poems, product descriptions, and blog posts secure can be a full-time job. It’s easier for someone to infringe on your rights than ever before—so what’s a busy professional to do? Let’s look at how to send a cease and desist letter so that you can take control of your intellectual property.

    Before we do, however, you may want to consider registering a copyright for your PDF downloads, website copy, photographs, and anything else you might theoretically want to press charges over if you find you’re being infringed upon. While you own your work automatically, protecting that work is another story; copyright registration is required before you’re able to file a lawsuit.)

    Then, familiarize yourself with the Cease and Desist letter.

    Cease and Desist Letter: Protect Your Rights

    Stop copyright infringement with a Cease and Desist letter!

    Stop copyright infringement with a Cease and Desist letter!

    A Cease and Desist letter is a formal notice to the party infringing on your copyright, letting them know that you’re aware of it and you’re prepared to protect your intellectual property rights in court if they don’t stop it.

    The Cease and Desist letter is sent directly to the infringing party (or the infringing party’s lawyer, if known) and should contain the following information:

    1. The copyright holder’s name (e.g., you; your business)
    2. Registration information (if you registered your copyright with the USCO) showing you as the copyright holder
    3. Explanation of the alleged infringement (e.g., the URL on which your material was reposted)
    4. A demand to cease improper use
    5. An explanation of steps you will take if the infringement doesn’t stop (e.g., you will file a lawsuit)

    Sometimes, all it takes to stop someone from using your material without permission is letting them know that you know about the infraction—in some cases, the person using your material may not even realize he or she is committing copyright infringement!

    Before an expensive lawsuit, consider sending a Cease and Desist letter. It’s easy to put together, cheap to send, and can be quite effective!

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