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What Can Be Copyrighted? A Look at Acceptable Categories of Intellectual Property

While it’s commonly believed that any passing thought or idea can be copyrighted, there are specific criteria in order for something to be eligible for this type of protection. One important one is that it must be “fixed in a

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Facebook’s Copyright Hoax: The Truth About Copyright Law, Legal Rights, and What Facebook Is Really Up To

Yesterday, Facebook was all aflurry with copyright notices, each of which referenced the “Berner Convention” and “UCC Section 1-308″ and made certain declarations about what Facebook can and cannot do with a user’s information and content. (See the full disclaimer

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Work For Hire Agreement: What it Is and Why You Need It

If you’re a musician, a business owner, a writer, or any other profession in which you might hire a third party to create intellectual property for you, you need to know about the work for hire agreement—your legal claim to

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Think a “Poor-Man’s Copyright” Will Secure Your Rights to Your Book? Think Again

Widely referred to as a “poor-man’s copyright,” the act of mailing a copy of your own book or manuscript to yourself and leaving the package sealed is widely purported to be legal proof that you own the copyright to the

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How to Copyright a Book

You’ve just written a book—congratulations! Now, before running off to the publisher, it might be a good idea to stop and think through your rights and how to protect them. What is a copyright? A copyright is the type of

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Is This Copyright Infringement? 3 Examples and Explanations

“Is this copyright infringement?” This is a question we hear in our copyrighting division more often than any other. I believe this is due to two reasons: (1) Copyright law has not changed significantly for over a decade, while technology

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Do I Need a Copyright Symbol?

The copyright symbol, first introduced in 1909, has a long and interesting history—and because of this, it’s sometimes difficult to determine if you need a copyright symbol or notice on your work, or if that symbol is optional. Copyright Notices

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Can I Copyright My Whole Album in One Submission?

First, understand that you already own the copyright to your album, because you created it. Official copyright registration isn’t a requirement. However, because of the various benefits to registering a copyright, you’ve decided to go for it. But how? Do you

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The Truth About Copyrighting Your Website

Many things can be protected by a copyright: text, images, photographs, videos. But can a website be protected by a copyright? While “website” is not currently a category of intellectual property recognized by the US Copyright Office, it’s made up

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