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Can I Copyright My Whole Album in One Submission?

First, understand that you already own the copyright to your album, because you created it. Official copyright registration isn’t a requirement. However, because of the various benefits to registering a copyright, you’ve decided to go for it. But how? Do you

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The Truth About Copyrighting Your Website

Many things can be protected by a copyright: text, images, photographs, videos. But can a website be protected by a copyright? While “website” is not currently a category of intellectual property recognized by the US Copyright Office, it’s made up

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TM vs. R – Which Is Right for My Trademark?

TM vs. R—The Showdown What’s the difference between TM vs. R? Do trademarks need to be registered before being claimed as trademarks? What is a trademark—and what isn’t? The decision to use “TM” or “R” is not an arbitrary one;

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4 Common Excuses for Copyright Infringement That Don’t Hold Water

With the global nature of the Internet fostering shared information and shared copyrighted materials, it’s no surprise that copyright infringement is not always clearly understood. And if you don’t understand copyrights, it’s likely that you could be infringing on someone’s

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Creative Commons: Inspiring Creativity and Innovation

If you’re a musician, a videographer, a visual artist—an artist of any kind, really—you should know about Creative Commons licenses. Not only do these special kinds of licenses allow you to benefit from someone else’s copyrighted material in all kinds

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Intellectual Property Forms for Successful Musicians

What makes a successful musician? Talent, certainly, and dedication to the craft, and perseverance—but an important aspect of being a working musician is the business aspect, and whether you’re interested in that part or not, it’s important to understand how

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How to Stop Copyright Infringement Without Being a Jerk

You’re a creative artist, and you’re proud of your work. If you find out that someone is using it without permission (giving away free downloads, for example, or releasing bad covers of your songs without asking permission), you are, understandably,

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Copyright Ownership: Who Is the Rightful Owner of New Works?

The question of who owns a copyright depends entirely on the specifics surrounding the creation of the material. Let’s look at a few common circumstances to shed some light on how copyright ownership is determined. By default, the copyright is

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To Copyright or Not to Copyright: Three Reasons to Register Today

While it’s true that anything copyrightable is automatically copyrighted by its creator (it’s true; check out our previous post, “Copyright Basics”) and that an official US Copyright Office registration is not legally required, it’s important that you understand how your

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